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My usual whining

2014/10/10 12:57 AM

I’ve been too busy with my new job and too wrist-sore to work on comics. But it’d been well over a month since the last one so I figured I owed you folks one at least. September 2014 is the first time I’ve missed a month in the archives in a long time and I feel bad about that for some reason.

After going through another round of dissatisfaction with Photoshop I came back around and decided it’s still the least-bad software for my work style. One result of this is that I decided to increase my work resolution again, and also adjusted my templates to try to maximize space and clarity, as well as widening the aspect ratio a little bit. Hopefully these slight adjustments will improve the look and feel of new comics going forward.

I’ve also been experimenting with some different art techniques. Nothing’s really stood out to me as an improvement over what I’ve been doing, but having more tools in my proverbial belt isn’t a bad thing.

I still want to get back to Unity at some point, and I’m quite excited about what I have planned for book 3, but I just don’t have it physically in me to do things right now.