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Now with high-resolution display support!

2014/04/06 6:58 PM

I went and finally made it so that I can put high-resolution (aka HiDPI or retina-ready) graphics on this site. So far I’ve only updated the images for the various Unity series and for a selection of other recent comics.

The way it’s implemented is, as is always the case with these things, a little bit hackish, so if you’re noticing anything particularly weird (like images being doubled, extra stuff being downloaded, or high-resolution images being loaded on normal-DPI screens), please let me know!

So far I haven’t replaced any of the site graphics themselves; that will have to come later, because I actually don’t have high-resolution versions of those assets, so I’ll have to recreate them (or use this as an excuse to make better ones or whatever). But in any case, now comics look a lot better on my Retina MacBookPro and on my iPad.

(Of course this does complicate my publishing workflow so I’ll have to figure out how I want to handle that going forward… bleah.)

Also, this is only on the site itself for now, because I can’t figure out a good way of doing this that’s RSS-compatible. I put in support for the HTML5 draft specification but most browsers don’t support it just yet.

UPDATE: If you would like HiDPI images in the RSS feed, just subscribe to instead.