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Begin the end

2009/03/25 1:58 AM

I now have a pretty good idea of how the first major Unity story is going to end. Everything is falling into place quite nicely.

Guess who made a guest comic?

2009/03/25 11:06 PM

The answer is me!

Herman the Manatee is a lot of fun. Read it if you don’t already.

[EDIT] Whoops, sorry for the duplicate appearance in the RSS feed. I had to move this to a page with a comic so the archives wouldn’t get broken.

Tell a beautiful lie

2009/03/30 12:00 AM

I’m not entirely clear why I have a WikiFur entry (okay, so I’m in denial), but since I have one I would certainly enjoy it if people could fill it with beautiful lies.

I think I will give a free signed copy of my album to whoever comes up with my favorite one. If you post a comment here when you write one I can verify it based on IP address.