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Another navigation tweak

2009/02/17 11:59 PM

So, from my click patterns, I noticed that a lot of times people would come to the site, check the few most recent comics, then click on the “first” link… and then immediately get discouraged, probably because they then ended up in my ancient journal comics and, in all likelihood, thought “Wait so I have to wade through a few years of this unrelated stuff to get to the comic I was just reading? Eff that.”

It took a bit of hacking, but I’ve made it so that now, clicking on the “first” link will take you to the beginning of the series you were on (on pages with more than one visible series it takes you to the series listing instead).

It’s a bit inelegant (and perhaps even more confusing if someone does it on a sketchbook or fanart entry) but hopefully this way I can keep more readers interested for longer.

I suppose the best solution overall would be to put each comic in its own separate archive but that’s opening up an even bigger bag of hurt, so this will have to do. (Movable Type is awesome except for the places that it really sucks. Not that WordPress/ComicPress seems to do this stuff any better, though — or at all, for that matter.)