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2015/08/10 8:21 PM

Sorry about my continued slow pace of updates. My wrists are still problematic, and my day job is taking a lot more of my energy than usual lately.

If you’re in the Portland area (Oregon, not Maine), this weekend is a good time to meet up with me, as I’ll be performing at the annual Song Fight! Live! show (Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th), as well as going to a webcomics mini-meetup (Sunday the 16th).

And if you’re in the Seattle area, pretty much any time is a good time to meet up with me. No occasion, I just live here.

Oh god I am so terrible at this

2015/09/27 2:00 PM

My current list of excuses for not posting anything:

  • Usual wrist stuff
  • Bronchitis that got really bad for a bit and is still lingeringAnxiety and depression because of a bunch of stuff (mostly due to the above)Was busy with a relationship that was taking up a lot of my spare time (but it’s over now)I keep getting too distracted by talking about making comics to actually make comicsBeen writing a lot of spare-time code too (including trying to finally write a CMS that works the way I want it to since I’m sick of hacking on Movable Type but everything else out there is markedly worse)Playing, obsessing over, and completely picking apart the game data of Undertale which is my favorite game since Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Also I’ll be cosplaying Frisk (portrayed above) at GeekGirlCon 2015, which will also be my first time ever cosplaying. The game is that good.

It’s Inktober!

2015/10/03 1:00 AM

I’m going to try to draw at least one picture a day in October, because that seems like a good way to get out of my doldrums. Obviously I’m running a bit behind but I’ll try to catch up.

Of course it turns out that Inktober is supposed to be about drawing in ink. Go figure. So uh. I’m really far behind.

Update: The Inktober content has moved

Same old same old

2015/11/11 3:42 AM

Yadda yadda sorry for not updating yadda yadda yadda

my art tag on Tumblr has some new stuff (mostly Undertale fanart these days) but mostly I’ve been busy wallowing in a desire to work on comics but no ability to. Current excuse list:

  • Changed teams at work and am trying to ramp up on a project
  • [insert usual thing about wrists]
  • Holidays, seasonal depression, etc. all upon me