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Journal: Flexible seating

17 years ago

Original entry: Flexible seating

fluffy gets to its car, and sees that it is impossible to open the driver’s side door due to another car parked remarkably close to it. So fluffy considers the possibilities. 3 inches is not sufficient space for it to squeeze between the two cars, but it gets a brilliant idea! Its car, a Toyota Matrix, is a wagon with very flexible seating.

fluffy opens the hatchback and climbs in, then puts the rear seats down. Smiling, it also flips down the front passenger seat, as it folds down into a convenient table. It climbs over this table, then reaches down to pull the driver seat’s release lever, sliding it back, and then it navigates over the center console, and sits in the driver seat, ready to roll. fluffy feels very smart.

Starting the car, fluffy suddenly has a thought, and smacks its forehead - it could have just gone in through the passenger side. [[except in reality the passenger side was also blocked by another inconsiderate parker, but fluffy doesn’t allow the truth to get in the way of a good joke.]]


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