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18 years ago

fluffy: [[thinking]] Argh… There’s got to be a way to deal with this alignment issue gracefully…

fluffy: [[thinking]] Blah, gotta coredump.

[[fluffy walks goes through a door labelled “geeks” next to a door labelled “freaks”.]]

[[fluffy sits on the toilert looking at the tile floor.]]

fluffy: [[thinking]] Wait, I can see it…

fluffy: [[[thinking]] Maybe if I could reorder the bytes in the packet to make things line up…

[[A tile visualized as yellow moves from the left to the right of three other tiles visualized in different colors.]]

fluffy: [[thinking]] THAT’S IT!!!

fluffy: Oh Aaaaantoine…

Antoine: Yis?

fluffy: Have we any graph paper?

Antoine: What ees… graph papair?

fluffy: You know, paper with a grid?

Antoine: Oh.

Antoine: No.


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