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Journal - 2006/07/19

16 years ago

Original entry: 2006/07/19 - Three Possibilities

[[JULY 19: This happened on the bus today]]

fluffy: (listens to music)

Girl: Oh yeah, I totally got this hat at The Gap.

Bus driver: Next stop, Queen Anne and Mercer


Drunk: Bwuhh

fluffy: eep

fluffy’s imagination: HWARGH! HOMF! Big dead guy, little dead fluffy

Drunk: I gah bwuh geh… BWogH! LEMME offa BUS!

Drunk: Druh!

fluffy: Whoa.

Girl: Are you okay?

fluffy: Y-yeah…

Girl: It looked like he was trying to kiss you!

fluffy: Or puke on me.

Girl: Well, I’m glad he went to you and not me.

fluffy: Glad to be of service.


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