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18 years ago

Background: and you need to get up early tomorrow so you can work on selling your car right away and the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow and have you thought about what you’re going to do with your cats and also Louise said she has a grandson there and I’m sure he’s a nice person so you’ll have to get in touch with him when you get there and don’t forget to cancel your dentist appointment and how is your bonus going to be calculated and when are you going to get there[?] and do you think they’ll also want you to write music for the games and will they give you free stuff and what are you going to do with all your furniture that you have in storage and how much is rent going to be and remember to get in touch with your friends there and we’re sure you’ll have a wonderful time but don’t gain a lot of weight and remember to be very careful in the subway[?] since a lot of bad things can happen there

fluffy: Mm-hmm.

fluffy: Uh-huh.

fluffy: Yep.

fluffy: [[thinking]] Shut up shut up shut up!


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