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Journal: The payoff, pt. 1

18 years ago

Caption: June 19, 2004, 6:30 PM

Caption: Church of the Friendly Ghost

Caption: 209 Pedernales, Austin, TX

[[fluffy plays guitar and sings]]

fluffy: [[singing]] Life is like a riddle

fluffy: [[singing]] Stuck in the middle

fluffy: [[singing]] I have been such a fool

fluffy: [[singing]] A fool in the middle

fluffy: [[thinking]] Argh, it’s so hot up here… and all I can hear is the drums, not even my own voice…

[[Glenn (as a snake) plays an Ensoniq keyboard, plugged into a box labelled “Fred”]]

[[Ken plays drums]]

[[Hoblit plays bass.]]

Caption: 20 minutes later…

fluffy: Thank you, and goodnight Austin, Texas, wherever you are!

fluffy: [[thinking]] Wow… actual cheering… I can’t wait to hear how it sounds in the recordings!


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