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Journal: Karate lessons, pt. 1

18 years ago

Original entry: Karate lessons, pt. 1

Caption: Thursday, June 17

Caption: Magnolia Cafe, seating waiting area

Caption; Austin, TX

Sign: [[left arrow]] Restrooms

Bulletin Board Flyers: [[swastika]], “Kittens”, [[face]] “$200” “Ford Truck”, “Song Fight”

Big Sign on Bulletin Board: KARATE [[left arrow]]

fluffy: [[left]] Karate? In the bathrooms?

Hoblit: [[center]] I dunno, dude.

Ken: [[right]] I bet there’s, like, karate lessons going on in there. Or maybe when you go into the bathroom, KAPOW, right in the face!

fluffy: Well, I dunno, but I gotta pee anyway.

Hoblit: Be careful!

Ken: Yeah, look out for ninjas!

Caption: Five minutes later…

Ken: So how was it?

fluffy: Let’s just say I got a yellow belt.

Hoblit: All right!


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