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Journal: Meta

17 years ago

Ed: Okay, so I’ve been reading some of your comics, and I thought you nailed Sheila’s spirit perfectly, but I just have to ask…

fluffy: Yeah?

fluffy: [[thinking]] Eek, I hope it’s not about the boobies…

Ed: Why don’t I get a tail?

fluffy: What? Uh, you haven’t been in a comic.

Ed: No? In the one where you’re talking about MSG, you and Sam both had tails, but I didn’t and I felt left out.

fluffy: No, you weren’t in that one.

fluffy: [[thinking]] Crap, was he there for that? I don’t remember now.

Ed: So who was that other person who was smoking?

fluffy: That was James.

Ed: Oh, that’s right, he smokes too.

fluffy: Yeah, I don’t normallly draw everyone who was present, and so you just haven’t shown up in any stories yet…

Ed: Oh, I see. So what’s the rule? Like, how do you decide who gets a tail and who doesn’t?

fluffy: I dunno. I just draw what my subconscious tells me to. So like, I don’t know what you or Jason or Des “look” like yet.

Coworker with spiky blue hair: Yeah, and when you draw me, you get my colors wrong.

Sign: C E [[white on blue]]

Sign: C uptown to Manhattan all times except 11:30PM to 5:30AM. E to Jamaica center Queens all times.

Ed: Oh, I totally understand that. Like, sometimes when I write, what comes out isn’t what I’m thinking at all, I’m just like, “who is saying these things?!”

fluffy: Yeah, like that.


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