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Journal: Scary pizza

19 years ago

Original entry: Scary pizza

Narration: I just saw an ad for Pizza Hut which claimed that their Meat Lover’s pizza had “practically every meat on the planet.”

Pizza Eater: Mmm, processed, homogenized crap!

Narration: Which makes me wonder…

Narration: is this just excessive hyperbole (and a disappointment to anyone who actually wants to eat something other than the Eurocentric view of meat)…

Disappointed Pizza Eater: Where’s the mongoose?

Narration: Or does it mean their sausage is even scarier than I’d thought?

Sign: Employees should consider washing hands before beginning work

[[Someone shovels various animals into a hopper from sacks labeled “marsupial parts grade C”, “Toronto zoo reptile house”, “rodent head ” tails", and “cell block 224-9”.]]


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