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Tapering off

2011/12/12 11:06 PM

A big part of why I started doing daily journal and/or Good Things comics was to help me stay focused on the positive things in life and help mitigate some stress and depression I was going through. It worked quite a lot for a while, but unfortunately the toll of doing a daily comic has ended up becoming a source of stress of its own. Right now I’m in a big crunch at work and juggling several other personal projects (music, the Unity book, and so on) and I think it’s best for my health (and wrists) if I not update quite so frequently. I mean, I’ve done 78 comics since starting this in the middle of September — that’s nearly 12% of my busybee comics archive by content, in only 3% of the time that I’ve been doing them!

It’s funny how when I did 10 comics in 2 weeks I thought that was completely insane and not something I’d ever be crazy enough to try again.

I still intend to post comics about especially good things that happen, and also there’s a few more Unity stories that have come to mind (which aren’t as dismal or dire as the ones I’d backburnered before starting on Good Things) but I have to slow down my updates if only to keep the good things coming.

But I do hope to keep doing at least one or two a week.

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