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Time consumption

17 years ago

Grargh, I’ve got to figure out some way of speeding up my workflow. This comic’s too time-consuming considering the amount of free time I have right now. I might just switch to black-and-white for a while, though that seems kinda lame since actually coloring the comics isn’t what takes all the time. I’ve already stopped shading things and pared backgrounds down to the bare minimum, though, and really all that’s left to speed up is the foregrounds.

The only way to speed up foregrounds is to start doing copy-paste on everything, which is something I see as a last resort.

On the plus side, I recently ordered a larger Wacom tablet and that might speed things up a bit. (Currently I use the smallest one, which means to get any sort of precision I have to zoom way in and this means I spend more time scrolling around than actually drawing, and the extreme size mismatch between screen and pen was pretty frustrating too.)

I might also experiment with actually drawing the strip on paper and just using the computer to color and letter it, though I’m not sure if that would really help any.


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