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Pernicious - January 26, 2006

16 years ago

Jen: You know this thing?

Cherry: Yes, this is Fred!

Jen: I gathered.

Cherry: He has not been seen by me for several time periods!

Cherry: Where have you been?

Fred: MRUHmruh mruh mrumruhruh muh mruhmruhMRUH! Mruh, ruhruhmruh ruh mruh, mruh… mruhmruh, mruh.

Fred: Buhruhruhmuh mruh buh ruhmruh muh mruhmruh muhruh mruh mruhRUHruh MUHruhruh mruh MRUH, muhruhbruh! Mruh? Mruh! muhMruh, muhbruhmuh muruhuhra. mruh, mruhmruh mruh, buhruh buhruh!

Jen: Can you understand this?

Cherry: Not a word! But he loves to talk.


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