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Unity: Overload

13 years ago

Juni: Okay, look, can you please stop talking in blue? It is giving me a migraine.

demiJuni: I suppose. Is this better?

Juni: Is what-

Juni: Oh, what the breeze did you just do?!

demiuJuni: Relax! You are still outside. I’m just talking to your senses.

Tamu: [[on virtual screen]] Juni, talking to you.

Seth [[on virtual screen]] No. Where is it?

Tamu: Right there.

Seth: What, the [[in Kajoshi]] sparkle box?

demiJuni: I’m just showing you what I saw and heard.

Juni: Who is that other Kayohash? Why is he in this room?

demiJuni: You may want to remind Tamu about experimental protocol and ethical behavior.

Seth: Sir, while I respect what you’ve done for Kayohash rights in the South, I think this is a bit weird. I’m just going to go.

Tamu: What? You can’t leave! I’ve commandeered you! For science!

Seth: Yeah, uh, good luck with that.

demiJuni: We may be a physicist but I’m pretty sure that was very, very wrong.


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