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112. Entry

14 years ago



[[Juni, Eugene and Sam stand outside the Broodwitch temple]]

Juni [Hiero]: Sam, you can’t come in here. This is a sacred place.

Sam: So what should I do while you’re inside?

Juni [Kajoshi]: Eugene, please keep Sam company. Show him around or something.

Eugene: Yes’m.

[[Juni trundles over to the temple]]

Eugene: Hey there, ladies! Iv'e got here a gen-u-ine Aikengyu, came all the way here from the South!

Female Kayohash 1: Oh, Eugene!

Female Kayohash 2: Neat!

Sam: What.

Juni: Um, that’s not quite what I meant…

Female Kayohash 1 [off-camera]: What’s its name?

Sam: Juni!

Female Kayohash 2: That cloth is so soft!

Female Kayohash 1: Cute ears!

Eugene: Please, ladies, one at a time!

Juni [entering the temple]: I’m sorry, Sam. [thought] But maybe this is what was meant to happen.


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