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Unity: Loss cut

13 years ago

Tamu: I take it from this tirade that you are the complete Juni? Are your memories restored up to the scan?

Juni: No, not at all. Juni just showed me what happened in this room. It felt it was important I know, and it tend to agree.

demiJuni: I’d be worried if you didn’t!

Tamu: Tsk. So are we wasting our time with this? I’m not sure it’s important that you recall what happened for your first dec of insanity, and it certainly wouldn’t know about the rest of it.

demiJuni: I am not insane! I just needed information!

Juni: Tamu, I… we were not insane.

Tamu: So you both say.

Tamu: It seems pretty clear to me that whatever the repository did to you makes you unable… or unwilling to remember anything afterwards. At this point I feel we should just cut our losses and discontinue-

demiJuni: [[talking over Tamu]] No! Don’t shut me down!

Juni: [[talking over Tamu]] No! Don’t shut me down! I need me the way it is!

Tamu: I’m never going to get a coherent sentence out of you ever again, am I?


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