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116. Tsan Rumio

13 years ago



Hira [narrating]: Several rounds ago, Tsan was off on one of her reckless adventures. She fancied herself to be something of an “explorer,” and was intensely curious about the strange items in the cave. Goodness knows what she thought she might find.

[[Tsan Rumio, grinning and playing with drone robots]]

Hira: As always, she returned empty-handed, but not without bizarre stories and an intense fire in her eyes.

Hira: She claimed that she found a shrine in which the spirits of the dead could talk to her. When asked what they said, she could not make any sense – her words became erratic and incomprehensible, and even her sparkle became like that of a… foreign being.

[[Tsan coaxes an orange/brown male Kayohash with tales of intrigue and suspense, while Eugene and Hira look on in worry and/or disgust]]

Hira: Somehow, she recruited several others into her little cult. They all went to see the shrine, and they all went just as insane.

Hira [pouring hot water into a tea pot]: I decided this was far more than we could handle, so I contacted the Southern government. Delegates came and took away the contents of the shrine, and Tsan and her followers killed themselves in despair.

Hira: I’ll never forget Tsan’s altered sparkle, Juni…

Hira: It was just like yours.


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