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Unity: Questions

14 years ago

Original entry: 93. Questions

Sam: It’s so quiet out here.

Juni: Peaceful, itn’s it?

Sam: I was going to say “uncomfortable.” It’s so quiet my ears are ringing.

Juni: Well, we could talk. We have a couple decis here.

Sam: Well, okay. So how big is this place? Where’s the hub?

Juni: There is no hub… our hub is like a tiny version of a star.

Sam: Tiny? Those are just specks. The hub is huge!

Juni: No, the stars are just very far away, so it’s hard to tell how big they are.

Sam: So why is the ground a different color over there than over there?

Juni: That’s… not ground, and I don’t know. Very strange. It’s almost like a rainbow.

Sam: What the breeze is a rainbow?


Juni: Let’s pass the time some other way.


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