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15 years ago

The next day, Juni awoke with Sam cuddling with it in bed. Juni being on leave from its duties, Sam and Juni decided to head to a nearby beach; along the way, Sam attempted to reintroduce it to its surroundings. Along the way, Juni noticed a “scent” corresponding to the sound of a minor asteroid impact on Unity’s hull — which surprised Sam, as the sound would have been completely inaudible. Juni insisted on returning to duty, but Sam instead called Tamu Haring, Juni’s superior officer, who said that everything was under control.

Staring off into the distance, Sam explained a bit more about Juni’s role, being one of eight scientists reporting directly to Tamu, and the only one of whom is paranoid enough to have a full-time bodyguard. Apparently this paranoia was well-founded, as part of the incident which left it without memory involved an assassination attempt (a fact previously alluded to by Kali Rosha); after Sam refused to go into more detail, Juni stormed off for home alone.

Upon returning home, Juni found some data sheets displaying images of it and Sam — or rather, images which gave the impression that Juni’s association with Sam was fabricated. Alarmed by this, Juni decided to seek help from the only person who it knew who would be able to help: the reporter Kali Rosha.

With the promise of an exclusive news story, Kali was more than happy to sacrifice editorial control to Juni and to help it determine the origin of the images. Perplexed by Juni’s apparent lack of technical knowledge, Kali showed Juni that in fact the images were doctored to make it only appear as if Juni’s relationship with Sam was faked, and wondered if Juni might have been perpetrating some trick on Kali. In order to appease Kali, Juni took it to a bar and explained its memory loss. Kali admitted that this may have put Juni in danger from a tricky situation, and Juni went home to find Sam waiting for it.

Upon learning that Sam (or one of his associates) had been spying on Juni and was aware of its meeting with Kali, Juni grew angry and defensive, at which time Sam used a trigger to knock Juni unconscious.


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