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57. Afterparty

15 years ago

Corentin: Ah, Juni, Tamu… we are glad you could make it.

Tamu: Hello Chandra, Kandra. I see your discoveries are coming along.

Juni: Hi.

Purple dinosaur thing: yes, quite! to hear of our precursors…

Corentin: Thanks in no small part to you both! The insight you gave us was particularly helpful, Juni. I take it you are returning to your duty soon?

Juni: I’m not sure, things are still a bit hazy-

Tamu: What it means is that it’s still trying to adjust to a few changes.

Red thing: interesting that office Melrose was there, yes?

White squiddy thing: No, why would that be odd? It is right behind you, by the way.

Kali Rosha: Excuse me…

Background character: This text is way too small to read.

Background character: We are just background characters.

Juni: Er, yes, I suppose-

Kali: Excuse me! Kali Rosha, Southern Daily Axis. Officers Corentin, I have several questions towards the lecture. May I have some moments?

Corentin: Certainly.

Kali: Melrose, I have not forgotten about you.

Corentin: Sounds ominous. We should catch up! Ta.


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