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15 years ago

Waking up in Tamu’s office — and Juni did guess that it was Tamu — gave Juni cause for concern. Apparently, Sam had gotten back into the room in time to record the tangible end of Juni’s conversation, and although Juni had blacked out, it had remained quite conscious, although not lucid. Whatever Juni had done with its clothing, it apparently had to be disposed of in some manner.

Meanwhile, Sam had fetched Juni some formalwear for a somewhat verbose lecture being given by Juni’s colleagues, Chandra and Kandra Corentin, who had been doing research on an ancient Homin (human) artifact — a large information repository of some sort — retrieved from Juni’s home province.

In particular, Officers Corentin described both the theology and the habitat of the humans, the latter of which (Earth) they understood to have been an amazing feat of engineering, as such was the great perceived power of the humans that they could escape from a nomadic existence among the stars to construct a ship so massive it could contain the biosphere via gravity.

After the lecture, Juni quickly learned two things about Officers Corentin: first, that they had no idea that anything amiss had been happening to Juni over the past few days, and secondly, that they had caught the attention of reporter Kali Rosha.

Juni and Tamu took a quiet nighttime walk together, during which Tamu explained the relationship with Chandra and Kandra — that they socially functioned as a single entity and that nobody even knew who was who — and also raised concerns about Juni’s relationship with Sam. He strongly suggested that Sam be given some vacation. Tamu also let it slip that making amends with Kali over Sam’s threat of violence would be a good idea, due to concerns over “cries for revolution.”

Before Juni could tell Sam itself, Sam had left to stay with his sister for a few days to “think about things” (read: “some time away from you”), leaving Juni to sleep alone.

For the first time since “the incident,” Juni dreamed.


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