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137. Talking Heads

13 years ago



Tamu: Juni, what’s the earliest thing you remember from the past, oh, several days?

Juni: Waking up in the hospital… I felt sore all over, and for some reason I could not remember my name.

Tamu: Yes, that was after a seizure, after we decided to try a temporary memory suppression.

Juni: “We” meaning… ?

Tamu: You and me, of course. Who else?

Juni: Tamu, may I ask a question which might seem a bit strange?

Tamu: You’ve never needed my permission for that.

Juni: Mmh. Am I the original Juni Melrose?

Tamu: That is strange. Yes, of course. Who else could you be?

Juni: Sometimes I feel like I’m just a puppet, that the real Juni is trying to control me.

Tamu: I see.

Juni: And it’s getting rather frustrated.

Tamu: I… see.

Juni: You do?

Tamu: No, not really.


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