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142. Making scents

13 years ago



[[Tamu and Juni are standing outside of the simulation node’s room]]

Tamu: Are you sure you want to do this? You remember what happened the last time, yes?

Juni: I’m not sure I even have a choice. We need answers.

Tamu: I could talk to it through a data node and act as an intermediary.

Juni: I’ll be fine, Tamu. And if not, I’m sure you can just “protocol twelve” me or something.

[[Juni enters the room. Tamu tries to enter.]]

Juni: No, please, stay out there. Just listen in on your data node.

demiJuni: Oh! Hello there! Are you who I think you are?

Juni: Oh, uh, hi, Juni. Yes, it’s me. Er, you. Or whatever.

demiJuni: Yay! I would hug you but I am a little bit incorporeal right now.

Juni: Yes, I see that. Hey, your [sparkle] smells a bit different this time.

demiJuni: Oh? Do I smell SQUISHY?

Juni: I am going to have such a headache.


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