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Unity: Heading out

13 years ago

Juni [pulling a jacket on]: I guess I lost my favorite coat in the tunnels. Meh. That really eats into my material budget.

Sam: Hrnh. Heading back out, hon?

Juni: Tamu and Sasha are waiting for me outstairs. Keep mom out of trouble.

Sam: Yes, ma'am.

Juni: Don’t even start gendering me, dear.

Sam: Hee. Sorry.

Juni [hugging Hira]: [Kajoshi] Okay, mom, I’m sorry about all this. I know there’s a good reason, though.

Hira: [Kajoshi] It had better be.

Juni: I’ve got a [Hiero]data node [Kajoshi]with me. Sam can show you how to call me if you need my help.

Hira: Hmph.

Juni [heading out the door]: [Hiero] Okay, you two, have fun. Stay out of trouble!

Sam and Hira (simultaneously): Okay, “mom.”

Hira: Maybe we can be friends.

Sam: Hee.


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