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70. Internal Dialog

15 years ago

Juni: [[ thinking]] How did my life even come to this, lying on a cold metal table while an absent-minded psychiatrist runs random and ill-conceived experiments on my memory?

Juni: [[thinking]] Sure, he’s my superior officer and and my friend, but maybe I should just live with what I have?

Juni: [[Internal non-voice, in blue, mostly obscured]] something important

Juni: [[thinking]] I guess there something I discovered which we need to know. This just seems so one-sided, though.

Juni: [[internal non-voice]] Maybe if I cooperate I can get tenure

Juni: [[thinking]] I’d be the first tenured Kayohash in Southern- oh, but I wasn’t native-hatched.

Juni: [[intertnal non-voice]] laws are malleable

Tamu: Juni? We’re about to begin.

Juni: Okay.

Voice: [[word balloon with irregularly scalloped and crenelated edges]] …?

Juni: What?

Tamu: Yes, Juni?

Juni: Did you just ask me a question?

Tamu: No, I said we were about to begin.

Juni: No, after that. I thought I smelled your voice.


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