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127. Something wonderful

13 years ago



Juni: I’m sorry about how confusing this all is, for both of you. I’m not entirely clear on what is going on, myself.

Juni: There are things going on here which are bigger than all of us.

Hira: Is she’s always like this?

Sam: Yeah, pretty much.

Juni: For some reason, this simulation of me needed you to come to the South with us. It tells me that it is safe to go back. It’s not the same one as before… but it has somehow obtained information the others haven’t had.

Hira: What “others?”

Sam: I’m a bit lost too.

Juni: Gah, I’m… I’m trying, but it’s so complicated.

Hira: Pah. What happened to my daughter?

Juni: Something wonderful.

Hira: Something terrible.


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