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Unity: A threat

13 years ago

Juni: H-how do you know that phrase?

Ed Lombard: What? He’s gone. You can drop the amnesia act.

Juni: What act? That phrase was a personal joke. Why would I ever–

Ed: When you said you’d forget everything, I thought you meant it metaphorically.

Juni: I said…?

Ed: Oh, raspberry. Well, did you at least accomplish what you needed?

Juni: What was that?

Ed: Breeze if I know. You were in a hurry. You just said you and Sam needed to be scared into disappearing.

Ed: Look, you kessel, we had a deal. You promised you would fix this. If you got me stuck in here I swear I’ll get someone to kill you for real.

Juni: Is that a threat?

Ed: No, it’s hyperbole. A threat would be more like, “I’ll release all our plans to the press. Try to play that for sympathy, you Homin-loving eunuch.”


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