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136. Unfit

14 years ago

Temu: Well? Did you get anything useful out of him?

Juni: No, he… he seems mentally unfit, and delusional. Talking about “plans” and the like. I think we should consider a psychiatric-

Tamu: Oh? An interesting idea. Scan his brain, run a simulation?

Juni: What? No! He’s being tortured in there. I don’t think he was acting in malice.

Tamu: Juni… he tried to kill you, a senior officer. Or had you forgotten that important fact?

Juni (muttered): I dunno, maybe I was supposed to.

Tamu: Supposed to… forget?

Tamu: Juni, I think it’s time we had another theapy session.

Juni: Hmph. I’d rather not.

Tamu: That was not intended as a request.


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