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248. Endgame

13 years ago


Ali wasn’t quite satisfied with how I wrapped up Sasha’s story arc, so she wrote an unofficial script for a strip to go after #246. I’ve reproduced it below, in case something happens to the forum (and to draw more attention to it):

[[After the graduation ceremony. Sasha is wearing graduation robes.]] Juni: Congratulations, Sasha! Do you know where you’ll go next? Sasha: Not yet, except that it will not be back home. They have marked me not-Tzernikov.

Juni: [sadly] I know. Your sister Valya- Sasha: Ex-sister. Juni: uh, ex-sister, told me that might happen… You’re just Sasha now? Sasha: I am not-Tzernikov.

Juni: Sasha… you were really there for me when everything went kind of breezeways, and I don’t have any siblings… if you like, you can use my name. Sasha: Thank you, YU-NI, I am honored. But I must decline. I must earn my own hivename now, and until then “just Sasha” will be sufficient.


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