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71. Butter-fried

15 years ago

Juni: [[ non-voiced thought]] ~!#],

Tamu: Juni, what do you remember about your species?

Juni: Enough to know they’re unpleasant. What are you doing? That smells bad.

Juni: [[non-voiced thought]] [[squiggles]]

Tamu: Can you be more specific? Anything physiological?

Juni: No… they only really get together to breed. Mostly solitary hunters, not, uh, into science. Seriously, what are you doing?

Juni: [[ non-voiced thought]] !- , :;.

Tamu: Could you describe where you are right now?

Juni: I’m lying on a table where a sadistic Umago is using an emitter of some kind to make me smell butter-fried feces.

Juni: [[ non-voiced thought]] wub

Tamu: Where do you think the scent is coming from?

Juni: I don’t know, it’s like someone is talking and I don’t know who but jar breeze that smell is making me sick!

Tamu: Mm. Okay, we’re turning it off now.

Juni: HRK

Juni: Uhn…

Tamu: Sasha, call the doctor.


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