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99. Babble

14 years ago



Juni: Was the funeral nice? Did my mother come? I do hope that everybody was not too sad and that there was delicious cake and maybe a pie for Sam to enjoy with-

Tamu: [[over top of Juni]] Unfortunately we are still unable to determine what caused this, but…

Tamu:: Juni.

Tamu: JUNI.

Tamu: We are still hopeful that we can determine a cure for your insanity and-

Juni: Insanity? Tamu, I told you, I am not insane! My eyes are open!

Tamu: Eyes…? You don’t have eyes anymore, Juni.

Juni: […]

Juni: Well they… it’s an expression! You know what I mean!

Tamu: Hsh, still communicating in nonsense. Come on, Sasha.

Sasha: With respect, sir…

Sasha: I would like to run some diagnostics. Perhaps it can still be saved.

Tamu: Oh? Very well, then. I will see you tomorrow.

Sasha: Good night, sir.


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