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139. Therapeutic

13 years ago



Tamu: Tempting as it is to ask you about that relay, this is therapy for you, not an interrogation. So. Go back further. What is the last thing you remember before your first seizure?

Juni: I don’t know, it’s pretty hazy. I guess Officers Corentin wanted help with something, some sort of big boxy thing with an odd sort of [sparkle]. The repository?

Tamu: I’ve heard that word before. What exactly is “[sparkle]?”

[[Flashback: Juni has entered the Corentins' apartment. The autistic one is hugging the heck out of Juni. Their [sparkle]s are portrayed as colorful sparkly halos around their heads; the speaking one’s is yellow, and the autistic one’s is purple.]]

Juni: Oh, sorry. It’s a Kajoshi word, for the sensation of a creature’s electric field. I guess a literal translation would be like “sparkle” or “shimmer.”

Tamu: I see. And what was so odd about this thing’s “[sparkle]?”

Juni: Well, it wasn’t a creature, for starters, and for some reason I could… smell it. Like I can smell other…

[[Flashback: Juni sitting in front of the information repository, rubbing its forehead as if having a headache. The repository’s [sparkle] is a large green cloud, and there is a small haze of the same green over Juni’s eyes. The autistic Corentin watches on, its thought processes in overdrive.]]

[[Back in Tamu’s office]]

Juni [softly]: Wait, so why did I find that odd? All [sparkle] has a scent. Yours is like lemons.

Tamu: What?

Juni: ANyway, then I remember thinking, and seeing you but not in person, and I got a… a bit frustrated.

Juni: And then there was the other me…my body, and I… wait, that was after the hospital. Never mind.

Tamu: I smell like lemons?


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