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80. The duties of a littermate

14 years ago



Sam: Juni! I-

Juni: Oh, Sam! I’ve missed you so much!

Sam: Um-

Juni: Goodness! I’m so sorry… I didn’t realize you were lactating.

Sam: Er, yeah. Family obligation, what with… Um , do you know?

Juni: They’re… separated?

Sam: Yeah.

Pups: om

Pups: nom

Pups: nom

Juni: Why aren’t Connie or Deborah helping? Don’t they actually like this sort of thing?

Sam: Oh, they’re off with their new mate now, in Portsdale.

Cynthia: [[behind doorway]] Fighting over who gets to breed first!

Sam: Yes. Lucky them.

Cynthia: [[to pup]] Oh whosa good boy! Yes yousa good boy!


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