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138. True Stories

13 years ago



Tamu: Why do you feel like you’re not the real Juni?

Juni: Many things. “Randomly” ending up in Kajoshu when I was trying to just go North, other-me telling me I needed to bring my mother here… and she says my [sparkle]’s different.

Juni: And then I’ve been having these dreams lately.

Juni: I’m always in this… space, and there’s another Juni, who I think is the real one. Sometimes it tells me cryptic messages, but lately it’s angry and it wants its body back.

Juni: Oh, and in Kajoshu, other-me said, “The real Juni is still alive!” That’s what got me thinking, maybe I’m “the other Juni?”

Tamu: Well, Juni…

Tamu: Dreams can be influenced by many things, often taken out of context.

Tamu: For example, the simulation said that to me, about you, and mind you I still don’t understand how it was able to relay between us. But perhaps you simply misconstrued it.

Juni: Hm, well, it did say it in blue…

Tamu: …

Tamu: Yes, quite.


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