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Unity: Relay

14 years ago

Original entry: 125. Relay

Juni: Look, we’re getting off-point. I was sent here for a reason and I don’t know what it is.

demiJuni: Oh, you’re back! Hi Juni! Hi mom!

Hira: Goodness, that thing’s sparkle! Why did you bring that here?!

Juni: It asked to see you. Wait, “Hi mom?”

demiJuni: This is perfect. I’m talking to Tamu right now!

Juni: Oh… OH. How the breeze did you get control of this drone?!

Hira: Get that away from here. It will infect the village!

demiJuni: It’s complicated. [The real Juni is still alive!]

Juni: The real Juni…?

Tamu: What?! How do you know-

Juni: Tamu?!

Hira: You are speaking to spirits!

Juni: [grabbing Hira’s tail, digging its own tail into the ground] Eugene, keep my mom here. Mom, please stop freaking out. Hey Sam! I could use your help now!

Hira: Hey, let go of me!


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