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94. Consummate

14 years ago

Juni: Okay, our course is set. Slowest speed, so we don’t fall too hard.

Sam: How do you mean?

Juni: [touching the screen] The pod moves faster, we stay the same speed, so we “fall.”

Pod Display: [[Homin]] Course set

Sam: That looks pretty.

Juni: Vented exhaust from the hub. It’s a hot helium plasma.

Sam: You sure know how to take the excitement out of things.

Juni: Really? I think knowing makes it all the better…

Sam: Mm, well… Uh… what are you doing?

Juni: [tail touching the screen] Just getting more comfortable. We should, you know, sleep.

Sam: But I’m not tired yet-

Sam: Oh.

Pod Display: [[Homin]] Course set


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