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69. Justifiable skepticism

15 years ago

Tamu: Fortunately it’s fivesday, so we don’t have to worry about lab availability.

Juni: Lab? Where are you taking me?

Tamu: Oh, don’t be so fatalistic. We are going to experiment.

Juni: With what?

Tamu: With you, to figure out how it is the machine can talk to you.

Juni: Doesn’t it just send data to my implant?

Tamu: No, of course not. We removed that as soon as we copied yout neural patterns.

Juni: Oh…

Juni: Wait… Then how is Sam still able to zap me to sleep?

Tamu: A very good question. I never told him the implant was removed, but his protocol transmitter still seemed to work on you.

Tamu: My guess is the reasons are related.


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