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Unity: Direct injection

13 years ago

demiJuni: I wish I could show you what it is like in here! It is very strange but also very comfortable.

Juni: Yes, I’ve, er, been in there. I don’t remember it being so nice though.

demiJuni: Oh, but it is much nicer ever since [[red text]] campon-who-is-named-Sasha-and-talks-like-this gave me [[red text]] [device] to [[red text]] [play] with.

Juni: Um… “device?”

demiJuni: [[Blue text]] Yes, silly! You made it for me. I am sure of it. It has your scent on it.

Juni: Why are you, er, talking like that? It’s like a jumble of thoughts with no words.

demiJuni: Talking like what? [[blue text]] This way Tamu can’t understand me. It is important he not know. You told [[red text]] Sasha-ant to tell me that.

Juni: I told….?

demiJuni: Strongly implied?

Juni: Well it makes my head hurt. More than you normally do, anyway.

demiJuni: Oh and how is Sam? [[blue text]] And did you bring Mom here?

Juni: He’s fine. He and Hira are resting.

demuJuni: Good, good. [[blue text]] Your plan is all coming together.

Juni: My plan.

demiJuni: [[blue text]] I am sorry I had to rush it. Tamu was about to do something very stupid. And I had a bit of a panic. And the drones in Kajoshu! They are not very smart. Only four teraflops!


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