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160. A Requiem for the FCC

13 years ago



Speaking Corentin: Do you think that Tamu regrets approving the Homin translation project?

Juni: Not as far as he’s said to me.

Speaking Corentin: At first he was excited, but now he seems aloof, or maybe nervous. It’s hard to read him.

Autistic Corentin: Hrr

Speaking Corentin: And lately he’s just been putting off our status reviews. [Heck], for all the trouble he’s put us through, that reporter is the one who’s been the most interested.

Juni: “[Heck]?” Is that Homin?

[Autistic Corentin gnoms on Juni’s head]

Speaking Corentin: Oh, yes, one of their swear words. Isn’t it great? [various Homin swears left as an exercise for the reader]! They sure knew how to make some fun-sounding epithets.

Juni: Heh, do they mean anything?

Speaking Corentin: “The place you go when you die,” “feces,” “one who mates with a female parent,” and “milk glands,” respectively.

Juni: How strange. Then again what do Hiero swears really mean?

Speaking Corentin: Don’t get us started. That’s our most popular first-year lecture.

Autistic Corentin: Honk!


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