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13 years ago

Juni and Chandra arrived at the Southern Daily Axis to meet with Kali, who was glad that Sam had not come along; Kali promptly informed Juni that it had been hunted by the Agency — which Juni, of course, knew. This came as a multiple-level surprise to Chandra, who wasn’t even aware that Juni had been hunted, gone missing, or really anything else that happened over the past round.

Juni demonstrated some of the Kayohash gift for sensing electric currents, and started to explain what it understood of recent events to Kali and Chandra. However, upon asking for help with certain details, Kali reminded Juni of a reporter’s duties to their sources, and chided Juni for certain past perceived transgressions with Tamu; Juni, in turn, reminded Kali that it was aware of Kali’s revolutionary tendencies.

The conversation quickly devolved to Kali and Juni sniping at each other regarding their information-sharing agreement, and finally Kali wanted to hear about Juni’s allegations of murder.

As the fragment of the neural simulation in the information repository attempted communication with Kandra, Juni attempted to explain the situation regarding the neural simulations to Kali and Chandra, which Kali had trouble following. Quickly giving up, Juni promised to write up and securely send a data sheet explaining things to a very irate Kali, and then left the shielded interview room, only to immediately receive another call from Kandra. With Chandra’s blessing, Juni went to the Corentins' residence to check up on him.

Kandra quickly persuaded Juni to try using the information repository once again, and Juni immediately heard the sparkle of the neural simulation’s fragment. The fragment and Juni confused each other a bit. After realizing it had some of the latest neural simulation’s memories, Juni had a sudden revelation — that it had planned for Sasha to install its neural interface (an interface into the human data network) into the simulation, and that furthermore, it could remember everything about the past round.

Getting yet another headache and fearing another seizure, Juni decided to pay Doctor Goldberg another visit. Expressing doubts of its own sanity, it explained to him that the information repository had altered its brain somehow and this eventually led it to inducing amnesia in order to appease Tamu, due to things it learned from the repository which conflicted with established dogma.

Thinking about some of these memories, it remembered a specific image of a human and their pet leaving Earth for Unity. It told Doctor Goldberg that Unity was not intended to be a permanent home.

Doctor Goldberg, for his part, decided that Juni’s issue was way outside of his league, recommended that Juni talk to a psychologist or a [broodwitch] for some spiritual guidance, and when Juni began to explain the situation with its mother, he sent it home, wishing that he’d never gotten even tangentially involved in the mess that is Juni Melrose.


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