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14 years ago

While Sam couldn’t help but be concerned about Juni knowing so much about the observation pods, he was even more concerned when they began to fall. Or, more accurately, they began to not be pulled by Unity’s constant centripetal force, as per a brief basic physics lesson (and also one in astronomy).

Juni laid in a course for the Northern extremis of Unity, but in its excitement to have some pull-free “alone time” with Sam, its tail managed to poke at a transit station much, much closer to the South, seemingly by accident. This “mistake” went unnoticed, until the pod began its navigation towards a station, much sooner than expected.

The pod bay they ended up with turned out to not be ready for their arrival, and the air shield was not fully-open when they crashed through it, causing the pod to land on its viewing port, the pod stranded in hard vacuum.

Juni woke up to find itself in a rather incorporeal state, with the disembodied voice of Tamu nearby. Or rather, a new simulation of Juni had been awakened by Tamu; as far as they knew, Sam and Juni were now dead, or at least unaccounted for, and an investigation was underway to determine what exactly had happened after Agent Harris' assassination attempt, and what had led to it to begin with.

This Juni was, of course, completely oblivious to anything which had occurred after Juni’s brain scan, but Tamu was now more determined than ever to get at least some form of Juni back and communicative. Sasha, in the guise of “running diagnostics,” installed a device into the simulation computer; this device had apparently been constructed by Juni after the scan and before the memory suppression, and Sasha had some instructions for what the simulation should do with it: “Look where you know not to.” This left the simulation very confused.


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