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109. Figures

14 years ago

Juni: So this little drone bot tells me it belongs to someone named “Mother” and that we should go see her.

Eugene: “Tells you?”

Eugene: Lady, you’re screwy. It didn’t say a thing.

Juni: Well, sure, not out loud, but didn’t you hear it in its sparkle?

Eugene: I felt its sparkle, ma'am, and it wasn’t like a critter, but uh, if you’re hearing things, then…

Juni: Okay, fine, I’m crazy. Great. You know anyone using the name “Mother?”

Sam: Juni, do you need help with that?

Eugene: Well, our broodwitch likes to be called that. Her name’s, uh, Hira Melrose.

Juni: Aw crap. That figures.

Eugene: What does?

Juni: [[Hiero]] Hey , Sam, do you wanna meet my mom?

Sam: No.

Juni: What?

Sam: I mean, yes, dear. sigh


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