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146. Vicious cycle

13 years ago



Juni: Look, Tamu, you know better than anyone what Kayohash have to deal with when we come here. Kajoshu is so… backwater that most of us have no useful skills.

Tamu: Yes, it is fortunate for you that you came to the South in time to receive a decent education.

Juni: But even ones who come as children get pigeonholed into being part of the sex trade. It’s a vicious cycle. Most are fine with it but I sure as breeze wasn’t. And then the ones who are….

Tamu: Seth was quite willing to earn.

Juni: They are selling a service, Tamu, not their bodies.

Juni: You can’t simply “commandeer” them for research.

Tamu: Well, you never seemed to object.

Juni: Our relationship has benefited me just as much as you.

Juni: Seth was “just another spadetail.”

Juni: I hope that isn’t how you still see me.


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