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Unity: Leaving

14 years ago

Original entry: 126. Leaving

Sam [wearing a new shirt, a bow on his horn, and still shoeless]: Jarbreeze, you spadetails are all insane.

Sam: What does [Kajoshi: “whosagoodboy”] mean?

Hira: It mean they like you.

Juni: Great. Sam, this is my mom, Hira. [Kajoshi: Mom, this is Sam.] Look, we don’t have a lot of time to chat.

Juni: We’re going back to the South. A transport will be here soon.

Hira: Slow you down! I hiero not so good! [Kajoshi: Did you say you’re leaving? You just got here! I need to cure you–]

Sam: What?! But the assassin–

Juni: I’ll explain on the way. [Kajoshi: No, mom, we’re going. You’re coming with us.]

Hira [Kajoshi]: WHAT?! You piece of foreign rubbish!

Eugene: Hey, calm down, there.

Juni: Don’t blame the drone! It’s me too! Uh, sort of.

Juni: Eugene, find someone to watch over the temple while she’s gone. You have been very helpful. Thank you.

Eugene: Yes’m. My mother would thank you, I guess.

Juni: Be good. [kissing Eugene] mwah

Hira: How dare you?! You have no right to do this!

Sam [Hiero]: Hey, your mom seems mad.

Hira: Juni mad, I angry!


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