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115. Insight

14 years ago



[[Juni is eating in its mother Hira’s house.]]

Juni: …and so that’s how Sam and I ended up here.

Hira: I see. And you didn’t realize you had come home until Tsan’s child said my name?

Juni: You mean Eugene? Yes.

Hira: Out of curiosity, did he say what he was doing in the cave?

Juni: He was out hunting, and I guess he heard the drone bots rescuing me.

Hira: Why would he be hunting that far away? I think he was looking for answers.

Juni: Answers? Answers to what?

Hira: What really happened to his mother, Tsan Rumio.

Hira: I think you may have some insight.

Hira: I am going to make some tea. Would you like some?


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