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Unity: Their perception of things

15 years ago

Original entry: 56. Their perception of things

Corentin: … now know that the Homin had a rich tapestry of gods: the pantheon was kept in the minds of the people through a tradition of visual storytelling along their 7-day cycle – although their days were shorter, making it only one day longer than our 5-day dec – though many were so devout as to study the individual stories on as often as a daily basis, and to dissect these stories and preserve their findings in the global information repository.

[[Screen shows still frames from Dick Tracy, Felix the Cat, Animaniacs, The Simpsons, etc.]]

Corentin: Unfortunately, we have yet to decipher their myriad languages to any reasonable degree.

Corentin: What is even more impressive is the size and shape of the Dirt Mother; rather than simply rely on tangent velocity as in the case of our world, the Homin made use of “gravity,” a weaker fundamental force wihich is only even measurable from a large body…

Corentin: Although nowhere near as massive as a star, it was enough that the Homin’s perceived tangent velocity led to nearly twice the acceleration that we experience in our more conventional cylindrical world. Further, their environment was driven by the power of their captive star, which they used as a natural “axis.”

Juni: Tamu, isn’t that normal?

Tamu: What? Don’t be silly.

Random attendee: Ssh!

Random attendee: Quiet!

Corentin: While we can’t really explain how that might work – officer Melrose, who we notice just joined us, may be able to better educate us on that at some later time – what we’re certain of is that the Homin aspired to have complete control over their domain, and their existence has affected all the species which came after them.

Corentin: We owe them a great debt.


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