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Unity: At ease

14 years ago

Original entry: 119. At ease

demiJuni: Tamu… you said I died. How?

Tamu: You were assassinated. In fact, an investigation is underway… it’s a rather complex affair. It seems Captain Lombard never got over the… well, we don’t need to get into specifics..

demiJuni: I would like to.

Tamu: Oh, very well. About a round ago, when you were first… having issues with reality, it seems that the good Captain saw you as a threat to Sam’s well-being, and he acted to protect his junior agent. His initial attempt failed, but a few days ago, he had Agent Tanya Harris snipe at you. Sam was with you and Harris killed him as well. Your bodies haven’t been found, but we have a full confession and sufficiently convincing evidence.

Tamu: I… know this must be difficult for you to hear.

demiJuni: Oh, no! It puts me at ease!

demiJuni: [[in smaller blue text]] I thought you might have been lying, but you were just wrong, as usual.

Tamu: Sorry, what was that? It didn’t translate fully.

demiJuni: Oh, nothing. _^


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